Together Apart Zine Bundle, Issues 1-3

Image of Together Apart Zine Bundle, Issues 1-3
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First Three Issues of Together Apart all in one convenient bundle! Each issue is 12 pages, 5.5x8.5" and includes a risograph, cardstock cover.

Issue 1 - Intentions
First issue released at the Together Apart, Queer Indigeneities Symposium in Spring 2019; issue explores the ideas of intentions in organizing, kinship and how we hold our records. Includes writing by Whess Harman, Lacie Burning, Ostoro Petahtegoose and interior art by Kali Spitzer.

Issue 2 - Projections
This issue focuses on exploring ideas of what we seek in 2S/Indigiqueer futures. Includes writing by Arielle Twist, Niilas Helander, Vi Levitt (aka KERUB) and features Bo.dyp on the cover.

Issue 3 - Indigiqueer Firsts
Submission based issue seeking writing about "firsts"; first kisses, dances, loves taking space and belonging, etc. Includes a short essay by Brandi Bird and submissions from across Turtle Island.