Together Apart Zine, Issue 7: Tricksters

Image of Together Apart Zine, Issue 7: Tricksters

This zine contains explorations of how trickster shows up for the contributors, where trickster has been present in their lives, and parts of trickster they embody.

This is the first issue of TAZ edited by term three editor, Kaya Joan.

Trickster: the one who is in between. The one who is neither here nor there, dancing in between worlds. Uprooting and unveiling. Anarchy flowing from their pores, an energy that is both juvenile and ancient. Disrupting the binary, embracing multi-dimensionality. Offering lessons through an invitation to join in the entanglement of all life's flux.

Includes contributions from amour lynx, Melisse, Evelyn Pakinewatik, Nala Ismacil, 'sun' with a cover by Michael Loone.