Eraser Street

Image of Eraser Street

by Henri Robideau

Eraser Street – Hubris, Humility and Humanity in the Making of a City

This beautiful softcover book reflects upon the quality of life in Vancouver, the value of heritage, the economic engine of development, homelessness, and the voice of the people.

Henri's photographs of the resistance to gentrification in Vancouver over the past 40 years bristle with excitement, humour and politics, and lay out the language of a city built on land speculation.

Handmade black and white gelatin silver photographs are juxtaposed with computer mediated digital inkjet prints, reinforcing the flux of change experienced in these images. Robideau’s narrative embraces a lament for what has been lost, a celebration for what has survived, and an admonition for the future of a city still in its infancy.

SIGNED copies may also be available by request.

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