Don't Go Hungry – Be Hungry

Image of Don't Go Hungry – Be Hungry

"Don't Go Hungry" is a call to arms. The salmon are deeply intertwined with our own liberation as Indigenous peoples and we know we must make a stand against all that threatens our access to salmon: colonialism, corporations, fish farms, pollution and capitalism. Don't Go Hungry is a statement of independence." – Tania Willard, essay excerpt.

An exhibition booklet featuring work by artists Bracken Hanuse Corlett and Csetkwe Fortier. The exhibition took place at grunt in September 2014, it was curated by Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun. The booklet includes an essay by artist and curator, Tania Willard.

Image documentation: Henri Robideau
Curator: Tania Willard
Designer: Karlene Harvey
Editor: Hilary Wood